Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bret Schneider - Melancholia I & II

Sounds heard on the edge of the wilderness emanating from deep within. Unknown insects droning nightly rituals as either ceremonies or their sounds of work trickling fourth. Melancholia I & II is an environmental recording of worlds no one has ever heard before.

Bret Schneider has created an aural landscape where the tiny details can be heard. Maybe it is the feet of tiny creatures as they walk across the planet's floor or sounds of millions of space particles as they enter the upper atmosphere. Lurking in the depths of this microcosmic sound show is an almost breath like drone wheezing and laboring, working to provide nutrients for all ongoing processes. Bret Schneider's composition on these two cassettes is a mammoth en-devour. Over an hour and a half forgotten recording devices left outside for uncountable amounts of time. Collecting energy of the home world and the mysteries being told.

Bret has so much patience, like an alligator waiting for it's prey. Creating a seamless terrene when transitioning from track to track. The feelings felt are very much in the center of the spectrum, allowing the listener to form thoughts hauntingly spectacular to beautifully mysterious. Never forcing anything.

Never Anything Record's first double cassette. Great choice for this monstrous composition.
Melancholia I & II was produced in a run of fifty and is available now from Portland, Oregon through the label's bandcamp page.

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