knives of spain - telluric

When music is pushed then pulled apart, sounds begin to swirl in cacophony. The ability for completely new approaches resides within this vortex, but it takes a skilled aural surgeon to extract what is needed for creativity to be successful. Gwen Young is the musical doctor behind her project Knives of Spain. She has composed Telluric, an adventure through lands of rhythmic oddities shimmying to her whispering world.

Telluric consists of ten tracks somewhere close to forty minutes in length. The diversity throughout is completely amazing. Knives of Spain delivers a specially warped version of pop music, achieved from being baked in a kiln fired by ghostly spirits. In some scholarly way, the notes Gwen relishes flutter by like butterflies with broken wings. This new motion of flight, oddly beautiful and soundly more ingenious. A jigsaw puzzle has many pieces fitting perfectly together, unlike Telluric with parts making up a vast mural covering a decrepit wall. Cracks and vegetation pushing through add a charm that can never be planned. Gwen Young's voice seems to slip through these fissures of a decomposing world. Sinuously entangling words of enchantment around the various instruments amusing her. These well crafted tracks flicker like an incandescent bulb at the end of it's life. Fortunately for Telluric we can start the cassette again when it ends.

Knives of Spain was released on the Hairy Spider Legs label from Chicago. The cassette is in an edition of seventy five. Hairy Spider Legs has found so many good unique sounds. My first encounter was the purchase of the lilac vinyl long play by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye ‎tilted Where Snakes & Seers Go. Check that out after listening to Knives of Spain.

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