Adrian Knight - Pleasure Center

A half century ago, there were some strong sonic vibes unearthing the hidden location of Pleasure Center. The process was slow and time consuming. Those with high fortitude made good headway and came close, but these were individual efforts. Contributors to the research were consistently redirected by fancy fast tracked beats augmented by hypnotizing lights and dusty white speed. Eventually the push to discover pleasure center was forgotten and disbanded for the most part. The emission of a subsonic message of ageless groovy baselines continued over the next five decades bringing us to the present. There were few who could hear it or truly understood. Adrian Knight has changed this condition. With a grant for research and development from the GALTTA Records Exploratory Company, Pleasure Center has been located. 

Nine tracks, all unlocking casual rhythms sparkling in the starlight. Follow the secret staircase leading down to a cave. Use your coded invitation from GALTTA when purchasing another release from the label, your love will not be starved. Pleasure Center pushes Adrian Knight past a dozen releases in over the same amount of years. And this is just releases under his own name, not including multiple projects with like minded musicians. This is the realm of GALTTA Records, capturing a groove and spirit eluding modern music. Maybe it was touched upon years ago, only now with GALTTA and those who contribute have these sounds become realized. Pleasure Center is not the pinnacle, there are so many excellent releases from the label. Pleasure Center is another arrow in the quiver, a sharp one. Adrian Knight is extremely well versed at writing, singing and composing. So much so that upon first listen, there is too much to take in, the music and lyrics are like blue prints from a conscious resting in another world. At first listen, tangled sounds and cryptic verse is all that is heard. Listening again lets us edge a little closer, then finally the genius of the sound being conveyed settles in. 

Beautiful compact discs housed in a digipack, all in a limited edition. GALTTA Records out of Brooklyn has copies currently available. Lost in a Sea of Sound had the pleasure to describe an Adrian Knight release coming up on two year ago. Check out Vacation Man when you have time to explore more.



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Unknown said…
Great description, and awesome album. Thanks!