Meadow Argus - Spool's Gold

Burnt in was the warning for plasma televisions when the picture did not change for longer periods of time. With this new composition from Meadow Argus, sonic sensations are most pleasurably burnt in. This is not a factor of two long drone sides maintaining finite pathways, but more a complete composition preserving stunning creative integrity. Using contrasting sonic components, Spool's Gold is a delightful auricular landscape of wild energies held within to cupped hands.
One distinct challenge within Spool's Gold is Meadow Argus' use of citizen band radio recordings in a hazy stew of aural calligraphy. These samples are not front to back throughout the composition but rather used as a building block for cohesion. The harsh squelch of CB transmissions has been subdued, becoming dreamlike passages on the road with Phantom 309. Meadow Argus has incredible creative sense and diplomacy with use of completely obtuse sounds transformed into a strikingly pleasurable listening experience. The last release described for Meadow Argus titled This Old Rotten Barge had hospital samples included. The takeaway... nothing is ever forced from Meadow Argus, just perfectly composed into strangely beautiful aural landscapes. 

Released on Hooker Vision in a very limited edition of forty cassettes. Please take time to listen and explore a fresh take on sonic constructs.


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