Wolf Dad - Wolf Dad Must Die!

Chippy rhythms obscuring graveyard chills, pulsating beats matched with elevated heart rates, Wolf Dad Must Die! finds aural pathways to inner trepidation. Five tracks depicting scenes of glowing eyes patiently waiting for attention to distract. Then the world of melody and fright begins it's sublime pacification for those listening. These selections are the sonic transcriptions of visions of Wolf Dad. They are brief stories told with haunting melodies, crystalline sparkles in earth's darksome fissures. Wolf Dad Must Die! moves quickly from start to finish capturing thoughts with surreal harmonies from hazy dreams. 

Wolf Dad is a project of Jason Kron out of Phoenix. Working with New York's Ephem-Aural, both artist and label have created a limited edition cassette ruin in a dvd styled package. Copies are currently available from Ephem-Aural's bandcamp page. 

Ephem-Aural - bandcamp
Jason Kron - bandcamp