Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cop Funeral – Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation

An intense call for all the drone heads out there to wake up, nappy time is over. Cop Funeral funnels red lining hypertensive industrial fluids through the consciousness. Sound waves forced through mental membranes with expertly guided creativity. The body's resting equilibrium punched aside as these new rhythms travel against the gradient.

Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation is the third proper release by Cop Funeral. This composition cycles through violent upheavals and placid static wash. Divided by the flip of the tape this Cop Funeral release is two EPs.

The first side, Part Time Pay is a staggeringly high mountain range of sound. The crossing is beautiful and extremely rugged at times. Altitudes beyond the troposphere, where the sound of space can be heard. The beauty exposed as the listener chooses the path more than once.

On the reverse, Paid Vacation grounds the foray. Moving under the crust of the Earth, where densities and temperatures vary. A vibrantly constructed decent, tones escaping through cramped molecules. Electric, industrial and rooted to the consciousness by some unknown organic medium. More introspective than Part Time Pay, patient in it's reveal.

Released just recently 1980 Records. Not sure how many, but am positive this cassette will test speaker thresholds. A little while back posted another description for 2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED by Cop Funeral. This is on Already Dead Tapes & Records and is available as well. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Stag Hare - Starlights Gloom

Starlights Gloom explores the pulsating fields of the spirits existence across both known and undiscovered dimensions. A pinpoint in time spiraling out through the twisting vortex. Drone like rhythms drizzled with ethereal vocals, creating the nebulous enlightenment of what we know is Stag Hare. This composition cuts the tethers and moves in one direction, focusing less on the organic roots and more on cosmic reaches.

There are many connections Starlights Gloom has with earlier Stag Hare releases. Long sustained beats with swirling tones, creating the density to hold the soft dreamlike whispering vocals. On the release, The Djorna Trilogy, Stag Hare had divided sounds into three eras. Starlights Gloom is definitely the polished gem stone of the third era. Tempos are faster and tracks are just a little shorter. The website description says "Starlights Gloom is made up of primarily sampled material from throughout the Stag Hare catalog". These tracks show the change in an artists life, from happiness or turmoil, neophyte to well experienced, what we all enjoy or appreciate changes. How we accept changes in another persons life revolving around their artistic approach is difficult. We all move through time at alternate rates. Maybe the artists gets there before the listener or the listener tires of music that never progresses. Starlights Gloom has arrived before me. I am happy to follow and catch up. Stag Hare has always and continually pushed my listening enjoyment down new paths and this composition guides as well.

Released on Inner Islands at the end of May. In a limited edition of one hundred on delicate indigo paper with silver ink. From reading, this looks like the last release for Stag Hare. A ten year project many have loved to follow. This one will be gone quickly, so do not hesitate.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Stag Hare site - bandcamp - facebook 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Husk - s/t

The process of describing music rests in an inverse relationship with how much love and talent went in to creating it. Discovering a composition like Husk by Wesley Powell, throws the brakes on any quick and tidy summary. There is so much ground covered on these eleven tracks totaling over forty minutes. Every song is it's own little world, varying approaches with angular guitar winds made even more complex by from the center passionate lyrics.

The entire cassette erupts with a vintage equatorial sound. The deep resonating drum lines danced upon by precise and playful strings. Revolving romantic lyrics filled with happiness and turmoil. Seemingly played beneath twinkling lights hanging from gently moving palms. Wesley captures or channels music from changing times. Vanguard styles lost in the sea, floating to and above the surface with Husk adding buoyancy. Could be the guitar and amp set up Wesley uses, has the retro coolness to it. The "Bye Bye Love" cover is superb and a superlative connection in the contiguous sound of the composition. The first two tracks, "Wicked Mantras" and "Not Yours, Not Mine" reminded me of a little of an album i grew up with by the Bongos titled Drums Along the Hudson. Here is a sample to compare. There are plenty of differences, but the effortless and laid back musical flow of both Husk and Drums Along the Hudson are very similar. The third track "Amnesia" has a tasty Velvet Underground vibration to it. More tracks resonate with an almost English Beat rhythm to them and call to mind another album from my past. The eight track "Quiet", is a sound glimpse revealing Wesley's drone chops. From pressing play, then every flip, Husk has a great sound overall and is worth every chance to listen.

Available from the Husk bandcamp page. This was released on Curly Cassettes at the end of last year.

Husk - bandcamp
Curly Cassettes site - facebook
Wesley Powell - facebook 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mu Vonz / More Eaze - Split 7"

Mu Vonz and More Eaze on a colored seven inch split from Already Dead Tapes and Records. Six different versions (colors) in increasing limited quantities. Psychedelically sweet artwork by Curtis Tinsle. Music cast out and dispersed in the asteroid belt. Timeless and infinitely unclassified, both Mu Vonz and More Eaze await exploration. Rotating rhythms, heated and cooled in an orchestrated dance around your mind's threshold.

"Hypnotize" is the title of the Mu Vonz side. A sing song narration crisscrossing an ethereal dubbed out dancing drizzle. Early morning, before the sun rise, soothing grooves crafted for spirits in between sleep and awake. The click click outside your ear traveling to make your toes tap.  

"Binaries" rest on the flip side and is the contribution by More Eaze. Sounds floating in the space making up the nothingness that surrounds us. Multiple directions collecting surrounding harmonies and bringing all into focus. "Binaries" is ancient and futuristic, classical and pop, grounded and aloft, all in simultaneous delivery.

These descriptive words hopefully will perk your interest, creating the moment you listen to this split. Both artists rest outside the world of music as most know it. Released in mid April, get this from Already Dead Tapes and Records.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Friday, June 2, 2017

Matthew Squires - Tambaleo

Matthew Squires is a musician you want to pin down but have difficulty in doing so. The instrumentation combined with lyrics and voice make me end up thinking of musicians mostly with a country tilt. Maybe this is a correct path since Matthew hails from Austin, Texas, but there really is no country sound in Tambaleo, possibly a southwest tinge. Articulation spanning the distance with subtle complexity, thoughts and stories mixed with adept musical composition. This might be a long reaching comparison, but Matthew has an impressive capability much like the late John Hartford, take a listen. Amazing ability to create unique music then combine it with outstanding lyrics sung even more distinctive. Now you are thinking Matthew and John do not sound similar at all, and rest in completely different genres, but that is not the gist. The thought is; Song writing, playing music and singing are all different talents. When you encounter artists who can do it all, there is something special. So sure, i could have come up with a more modern comparison, but John Hartford is incredible and Matthew Squires has like talents. 

Tambaleo is a mighty composition, over three quarters of an hour and fifteen tracks. The guitar playing is perfectly balanced with the vocals. Tempo varies with the way life is described. There are some pop moments, but the overall multiplex of influences delivered, push Tambaleo beyond any words in some sub pop category. So because i said it, here is a more modern comparison of talented individuals.... Listen to the tenth track on Tambaleo "Dead or Dying" then listen to this. That was a surprise and again, completely different genres. Matthew has composed music with a wise heart. Give this a good listen and be whelmed.

Released in January on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of two hundred and fifty. Currently available.... And also in a bundled package of an earlier Matthew Squires / Already Dead Tapes and Records release titled "Where the Music Goes to Die".

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Matthew Squires - facebook - bandcamp

Caramel Ship - Marjoram

Marjoram is here with health benefits you should understand. Eleven tracks crafted with therapeutic relief for the monotony of the long summer days. Robust flavoring of sounds flowering out from the pop center. Dipping into the groove then hovering above, Caramel Ship flirts with multiple genres and avoids being pinned down.

Desmond C. Simmons and Yuki Shindo are the creative minds making up Carmel Ship. This helps explain the worldly diversity that infiltrates these sounds. Spanning from  Detroit to the out skirts of Tokyo, the artists influences are subtly entwined. One of my favorites, "Disco for Robots" exemplifies both sides of the globe, portrayed with excitement and a flare for fun. There are a few tracks, "Dear Mimi", "Modern Take" and "Sea Foam Holiday", diving into the late night, tranquilizers radiating in harmony with street lights in transit. The eighth track "A Guessing Game" even touches on hip hop before mutating into it's own style.

Looks like this cassette is not on a label and was released in February by Desmond and Yuki.  Includes cool stuff like a comic and stickers. Much love and consideration went into the presentation Marjoram. The sounds within reflect this as well.

Caramel Ship site - bandcamp - twitter