Water Shrew Trio - Following The Lichen Into The Brush

Portland Oregon's Water Shrews are angelically tearing it up with a new release on Drongo Tapes. With two side long selections on cassette, both holding energy of the morning sun. A gentle listen to to a fireball of pure energy, tempered by creative patience and sublime restrain. Guitars and hurdy-gurdy, possibly an accordion, but difficult to know for sure without liner note confirmation. Regardless, these sounds are contemplative and naturally striking. A vivid exploration of timeless instruments softly resounding from a gypsy fireside within a futuristic place in time. 

Released on cassette in an edition of one hundred by Drongo Tapes. There are only a handful of the physical copies remaining. The Water Shrew Trio is Emmet Martin, Morgan O'Sullivan and Skyler Pia. Lost in a Sea of Sound described an early release titled Water Shrews. This was also on Drongo Tapes and is sold out in physical format. Don't miss out on this new composition, beautiful throughout.



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